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Freeplay communication suggestion

2019.02.24 09:58 Tegeus-Kromis Freeplay communication suggestion

I have seen some posts on the topic by the community and from BW and both sides seem to agree that some form of global communication for Freeplay should be implemented. Some things were already discussed (like making public events visible on the world map) so I am only going to cover my idea regarding the matter.
Let us have the ability to drop beacons to signal other pilots in Freeplay. Here is my iteration:
-Make it so we can drop beacons with different colors, depending on what we want to signal. The system could work very similarly to the way we throw glowsticks as an emote right now
-Each beacon can appear on the world map and in addition have a visual cue to pilots who have direct line of sight on it (like a huge beam of light shooting upwards into the sky or something along that line; Anthem's version of a Bat Signal basically)
-Each pilot can only drop one beacon at a given time with a short cooldown, no matter the color of the beacon, to avoid spam and abuse
-Some color ideas:
- RED = tough enemy here/need help
- PURPLE = loot here
- GREEN = collectible/POI/resources here
I'd love to hear your feedback.
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2018.10.03 02:53 kanyeBest11 [HELP][DS3][PC] Aldrich, the god eater

I’ve been going at this fucker for two hours, doing exactly everything I should. I can’t do it. I give. I get it to almost the end and then get murdered by those god damned arrows. I’m so god damned flabbergasted about how the earlier parts of the game are so god damned easy compared to this.
Please, I really need some god damned help
Edit: Just in! I’m out of fuckin embers and all the fuckin handmaiden ones are gone
Thank you very much. u/tegeus-kromis. You saved me a lot of effort
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2018.10.01 10:25 Tegeus-Kromis Need help getting better at PVP

Hello fellow redditors,
I am currently absolute trash at PVP but I love this game, invading and general fuckery so I would like to become better at it. If someone is willing to help me practice I shall be more than glad to return the favor and help with whatever else you might need.
Let me know if there is a kind soul out there that will put up with me for a bit :).


Edit: I should probably mention that I usually play after or around 19:00 EEST on PC and sometimes even earlier during the day.
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2016.08.28 16:59 Kromiz {H}Draenor - Recruiting for Legion!

We are a group of recent acquaintances whom all share the same idea of what makes a guild good. For us friendship, activity and a healthy atmosphere is what makes up the essential foundation for a fun and longlasting guild. Hence it's apparent for us not to aim to fill out any kind of specific roster, but instead foster a smaller and tightly knit community. This means we are looking for you as a person, not a specific class or specialization. Our main goal is to get our members to know and befriend each other, as we want the guild to be a long-term project where people want to stay for years and have something to look back eventually as the years pass. That's why Discord has become a very essential platform for all of our members, for the simple purpose of both contacting eachother and to keep actively in touch. However this is not confined to raiders, we're actively encouraging every member, be so social or raider to be just as active in the guild! Hence we're now looking at a very healthy and active community, one which is already aiming far into Legion.
As a European guild with the goal of raiding Mythic in Legion whilst keeping a friendly, social and cozy atmosphere on our Discord server. This means we can be considered a semi-hardcore raiding guild! As such, many other things are very important for every member, be so achievements, battle pets or any other kind of content. Hence we will maintain a healthy raiding schedule (see below) to give us the time to explore all the available content at a healthy pace.
Schedule Monday 19:30 - 23:00 Wednesday 19:30 - 23:00 Thursday 19:30 - 23:00
What we will create is a long-lasting home for those who share our idea of what a great MMO experience should encompass. Namely, we focus on getting to know each other whilst playing with each other which naturally leads to everyone being active as well in-game as on voice comm. For the time being, we are not looking for tanks. However both healing as well as DPS roles are open (if you're interested in joining as a raider!).
What you should bring: -The will to talk to us on Discord and just socialize with the people you'll be playing with. -A healthy mix of maturity, respect and fun personality on a daily basis. -A decent microphone and (preferably) headphones or a headset. -Time for 3 raiding days a week, starting on the first week the raids will be released
What we offer: -A friendly and cozy place where you can talk to the other guild members and have fun -A fair looting system and guild events, such as achievement runs for older content -Experienced WoW players and a beta tester to help you get started along the way -Support and many hours of fun
If any of this resonates with you, feel free to contact anyone below for more information: Nutoma#2738 Kromi#2633
Looking forward to hear from you! :)
P.S. If you are looking for a place to permanently stay and consider yourself a more social focused member you're more than welcome to join us! Perhaps you are not looking for raiding but looking for an active place to learn more about the game and enjoy non-raiding content, then we can provide advice and a place filled with familiar faces to do all types of content! If you would have more time to invest in the game, or might light the desire to raid, we'd be more than happy to elevate social members to join the ranks of the raiders!
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